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Pumpkin Butter Sugar Scrub

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This pumpkin butter sugar scrub will get you right this winter. Super moisturizing grapeseed oil and shea butter add moisture to skin while granulated sugar crystals gently buff away dead skin. 

Not your typical oily sugar scrub so you don’t have to work about creating an oily mess in your bathtub or shower. 

You can use this as an exfoliating body wash that will also cleanse because this sugar scrub contains soap. The foam will lather up well and can be used for shaving. Exfoliating with this pumpkin butter sugar scrub will allow for a closer, clean shave. 

This scrub is not made for intimate region. 

Key ingredients: organic pumpkin powder, organic shea butter, organic grapeseed oil, granulated sugar and fragrance oil. 

Size: 11 oz