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BeetleJuice Soap

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Although this smells nothing like bettlejuice, I think we captured the essence of the man himself in all his spooky glory. 


Black and White striped soap to represent Beetlejuice’s famous suit. The soap bar is embellished with a Beetlejuice Juice Box, a pesky sand worm and Beetlejuice himself on the face of the soap. All embellishments are dusted with purple and green mica.  The final bar with the emblems is finished with purple and green drips cascading down the front of the soap. 


Fortunately for us this artisan soap nor the matching shea butter body cream does not smell like the man of the hour, Beetlejuice. Because spooky season is in the middle of Autumn the fragrance suits the season. Imagine being wrapped in a warm fall blanket full of warm fall florals and a fragrant, perfumed spice. This is a unisex scent. 


Soap:  Organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, distilled water, organic Shea butter, organic castor oil, organic coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, charcoal powder, fragrance oil, mica colorant. 

Shea Butter Body Cream: distilled water, organic shea butter, organic grapeseed oil, organic vegetable glycerin,  cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, polysorbate 60